The workshop will start on Monday 14th March afternoon (13h/14h) and end on Thursday 17th March around noon (12h/13h).

Day 1 and 2 will be dedicated to oral presentations and poster presentations by the participants.

Its include the following invited presentations:
- Using niche modelling for studying the impact of climate change (G. Chust, AZTI, Spain),
- Estimating relevant functional traits for zooplankton (T. Kiorboe, DTU-Aqua, Denmark),
- Estimating functional diversity from functional traits (S. Vill├ęger, CNRS Montpellier, France),
- Estimating phylogenetic diversity from phylogenies (F. Guilhaumon, IRD Montpellier, France),
- Estimating plankton diversity from omics data of Tara Oceans (L. Bittner/L. Guidi, France).

The invited presentations will last 20 min (+ 10 min questions), and the other presentations will last (10 min + 5 min questions).

Day 3 and 4 will be dedicated to working group sessions and discussions

Organisation of the working groups:

  • WG1 (Day 3 morning): use of niche modelling for the description of present and future plankton biogeography and diversity.
  • WG2 (Day 3 afternoon): functional and phylogenetic diversity of plankton communities, and its consequences for marine ecosystem function and service provision.
The morning of Day 4 will be dedicated to working group outputs and discussions on the following of the workshop.